Biomechatronics Lab team of 2013

Joel C. Huegel West, PhD


As the leader of the Biomechatronics Research Laboratory, the interests of Dr. Huegel are haptic interfaces, inclusive engineering, and human-robot shared control for training and virtual environments. Dr. Huegel received his PhD on Mechanical Engineering focused on Mechatronics, dynamic systems and control from Rice University in 2009. He has worked as professor, coordinator and researcher at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara since his incorporation to the institution on 2001. Professor Huegel has imparted courses and seminars on the United States, Mexico, Nepal, Honduras and Chile, being currently professor/researcher at the Tecnológico de Monterrey and adjunct professor at LeTourneau University in the United States. During 2005-2006, Joel completed fabrication and delivery of a haptic device for post-embolia rehabilitation of forearm and wrist, particularly for the hemiparetic kind. His thesis work was on the usage of different haptic devices for studying motor learning factors in expert-beginner training scenarios. Currently, he counts with the support of institutes such as the Tecnológico de Monterrey and the state of Jalisco through the Consejo Estatal de Ciencia y Tecnología de Jalisco (COECYTJAL) for the development of 4 projects.

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Dr. Armando Román Flores

Dr. Armando Román

Dr. Armando Román holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering by the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. He currently works as head of the Engineering, Architecture and Health School in Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Chihuahua. He is adviser for the canadian company Presglas, which produces car parts in its Mexico-based operations. He has published articles in international journals, has been a lecturer in several forums in North and Southamerica. He is a member of the national researcher system (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores, CONACYT). He has participated as mentor in several contests such as Intel Cup (in Shanghai), Smart Car Race (Freescale), Baja SAE, Electraton, SAE Aerodesign and First. He has experience in the design and improvement of machinery for the metal-mechanic and furniture industries. He is currently working in the development of a brainwave-controlled wheelchair and the design of a hydrogen-fueled vehicle.

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Dr. Enrique Aguayo Lara

Dr. Enrique Aguayo

Enrique Aguayo-Lara was born on Guadalajara, Mexico in 1981. He received his degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering in December of 2003. He received his Masters degree in the field of Electrical Engineering from the CINVESTAV, unidad Guadalajara, on March of 2008. More recently, he received his PhD also in Electrical Engineering from the CINVESTAV, on December of 2012. He started imparting lectures in the field of automatic control at the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara since August of 2010. He currently imparts lectures on Computer Assisted Design, Control Engineering, Computerized Control, Control Laboratory and Process Dynamics and Control. His main research interests are embedded systems and real-time implementations, control theory implementation, discrete-events systems and hybrid systems.

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Fernando Ramirez Garibay, Eng.

Fernando Ramírez

Fernando is currently a M.Sc. candidate in Computer Science at Tecnológico de Monterrey interested in domotics, intelligent devices and ubiquitous computing. He obtained his B.A.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering from Tecnológico de Monterrey with an Award for Performance Excellence by the Centro Nacional de Evaluación para la Educación Superior, A.C. (CENEVAL) for obtaining top marks in the EGEL, the General Undergraduate Graduation Exam. At a younger age, having been one of the Olimpiada del Conocimiento winners, he obtained a scholarship as well as a meet-and-greet with the former president of México.
During the second half of his bachelors studies, he was the logistics coordinator for the Sinergia Conference for Mechatronics. He has worked in a series of projects both in and out of the academic area, having won in mechatronics contests like the Design Challenge 2009. He was an intern at ENERI, obtaining experience in firmware development and testing. He also worked in a six month project with Continental Automotive Services.
On 2013, he was selected as a participant for Mitacs Globalink, a research internship in Canada, thus visiting the Collaborative Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory (CARIS Lab) at UBC led by Dr. Elizabeth Croft and working for 12-weeks with the guidance of (at the time) PhD students AJung Moon and Matthew Pan on human-robot interaction and roboethics.
He is now a member of the Biomechatronics Lab as a research assistant. His duties, beyond his own research projects, include assisting in administrative tasks and being project manager, thus helping him develop leadership and management skills.

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Eduardo Barocio Vaca, Eng.

Eduardo Barocio midiendo prótesis

Eduardo Barocio graduated with honours from Mechatronics Engineering at Tecnológico de Monterrey, where he obtained for 5 semesters awards for obtaining the highest GPA; he also holds a technical degree in machine-tools. He has participated in design and manufacturing stages of several projects while in the Mechatronics Research Laboratory, where he currently works as a research assistant. Similarly, he has participated in several contests and projects such as "Development of a high-energy-return foot-ankle prosthesis", Intel Cup, Smart Car Race, IGVC, Diseño de Torno de Bajo Costo, among others. He was a research intern at the IPN with the surfaces group where he developed and validated a finite element model for the scratch test of stainless steel AISI 304. He has a year experience in the design and manufacturing of machinery for the furniture industry (SERVMAQ). His main interests are in the areas of mechanical design, materials, biomechanics, CAD-CAM and finite element modelling.

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Success Stories

IMT Javier Enrique Gómez Avila


He studied Mechatronics Engineering at the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara in the period of August 2006 to May 2011, standing out in several academic and cultural projects. His last year as a student at the Tec, he participated in the Laboratory with the haptic interfaces project for which he had the opportunity to present, in collaboration with Dr. Joel Huegel, Dr. Alejandro García and Ing. Iván Figueroa, the article: Diseño de Plataforma con Retroalimentación Háptica para Simulador de Cirugía (Design of a Platform with Haptic Feedback for Surgery Simulation), accepted in the XXXIV Congreso Nacional de Ingeniería Biomédica in Ixtapa, México. Currently, Javier has been admitted to the University of Guadalajara to pursue a master's degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering. "Dr. Huegel's Lab awoke in me an appreciation for research. I always had the interest of continuing with postgraduate studies and having worked with them was fundamental training and foundation for this."

IMT Antonio Vega

Antonio with Al Gore

He studied Mechatronics Engineering at the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara, graduating on May 2011 and receiving an award for Excellent Integral Formation. During his studies, he did his first research internship in the area of visual computing with Dr. Gildardo Snchez, and time after he had the opportunity to collaborate again with the Biomechatronics Research Laboratory with the automatic fruit processing machine project by the group led by Dr. Joel Huegel, which reinforced his passion for research. He was one of the organizers of the International Conference on Sustainability and Renewable Energies CI.SER. With this last project he also won the Alma Máter award, being one of the first students outside of campus Monterrey to receive this acknowledgement. He was part of the international Disney World program as well as having been on an exchange program in Canada. Among his interests are renewable energies, nanotechnology and training engineering. "My experience in the Mechatronics Research Laboratory helped me strengthen even further my abilities in research and prototype development; it also helped me achieve the publication of my work."

IMT Ricardo García Rosas

Ricardo con perro

Ricardo studied Mechatronics Engineering at the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara, graduating on December 2010. He currently works as industrial robot programmer for the German company F.EE, which counts with several automation projects around the world in the automotive industry; providing service for highly renowned companies such as Volkswagen and Audi. During the 2010 May - December period he worked in the Biomechatronics Research Laboratory focusing mainly on robotics, obtaining in this way the necessary knowledge to work in this area. He was recently accepted in the Mechatronics Engineering Master's program at the University of Melbourne in Australia with the support of a CONACYT scholarship.

IMT Josue Daniel Vázquez Rivas

Josue in 2009

Josué obtained his bachelor's degree in Mechatronics Engineering on 2010 from the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara. In 2013 he completed his Master's studies obtaining the MSc(Res) degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies from The University of Sheffield in England. He currently works at Hydra Technologies, Mexican company dedicated to design and development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). "Having done a research internship during my career helped me significatively for my Master's studies in England. Sinc the admission process to the university, it was of great help having published a research article in a conference and having research references from my Alma Mater, since the program was research based (Master of Science by Research). To obtain the CONACyT scholarship, it was very helpful having written a project proposal for the same institution during my internship. Furthermore, I believe that the experience in the Lab was most helpful was while working on my thesis project, as I already knew the structure of an academic research and the way to redact a research article. While it is not necessary to have been in a research internship before doing a Master's, I believe that it definitely helps in the admission process and allows you to have better performance while working on the thesis by having experienced something similar, which is why I recommend this experience for anyone planning on studying a Master's degree."

Former Co-workers

Omar Alejandro Aguilar Leal, M.Sc.

Omar Aguilar

Omar estudió la carrera Ingeniería Mecatrónica en el Tec de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara, graduándose en Diciembre del 2010 con Mención Honorífica de Excelencia. Así mismo es egresado del Centro de Enseñanza Técnica Industrial (CETI) donde obtuvo el título de Tecnólogo en Informática y Computación con Mención Honorífica. Actualmente estudia la Maestría en Ciencias de la Computación en el Campus Guadalajara donde también se desempeña como Asistente de Investigación en el Laboratorio de Biomecatrónica. Al ingresar al Tec de Monterrey obtuvo el mejor puntaje en el examen de admisión a nivel profesional en el Campus Guadalajara en el periodo Ago-Dic 2006. Ese mismo año obtuvo el primer lugar en la categoría individual y primer lugar en la categoría por equipos en el Concurso Regional de Matemáticas León 2006, donde participaron 40 alumnos de 16 universidades de centro y occidente del país. Durante sus estudios en Mecatrónica, realizó una estancia profesional en Continental Automotive en la división de Passive Safety & ADAS desarrollando una herramienta de software para la simulación de los algoritmos que se utilizan para disparar las bolsas de aire de los automóviles. Además realizó una estancia de investigación en el Laboratorio de Biomecatrónica donde trabajó en el proyecto de Reconversión de una Máquina Tortilladora con el objetivo de disminuir el consumo energético de la máquina y lograr un control de temperatura y velocidad para obtener una producción justo a tiempo. Por este último proyecto obtuvo junto con el Dr. Joel Huegel, Ing. María José Gutiérrez e Ing. Luis Olvera el Premio Hombre Energía 2010 en la categoría de Generación de Energías Limpias y Renovables. Durante su carrera ha colaborado en diferentes proyectos entre los que se encuentran un Rehabilitador de Cadera, Sistema de Control del Hogar por Medio del Teléfono, Dispensador de Pastillas, Máquina para el Pelado, Cortado y Deshuesado del mango, entre otros. Sus áreas de interés son en Automatización, Robótica, Háptica, Algoritmos Bioinspirados, Programación en Paralelo, entre otras.
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Iván G. Figueroa, MSc


Ivan is an Electronic Systems engineer interested in biomedical applications focused on neuroengineering. He's student of the Master of Computer Science. Throughout his career he has been involved as project manager for human-robot interaction and biopotential acquisition and analysis projects within the biomechatronics lab. He participated in the Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2009 at Cairo, Egypt in the Embedded software development category, achieving 4th place beneath Korea, China and Ukrania. He has also participated in state competitions like Universitronica 2008 and the State and National Youth Award. Since May 2013, he's a PhD student in the Biomedical Engineering program at the Biomedical Signal and Image Computing Laboratory (BiSICL) in the University of British Columbia (UBC).
Iván Figueroa en

IMT Alejandro Aguilar Valdez


Ricardo studied Mechatronics Engineering at the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara, graduating on 2008.
One of Alejandro's professional passions are machine-tools. He is convinced that Mexico's productive and industrial development should be based on the production of machining technologies. "Mexico has the raw materials, but we buy machines for processing it. This cannot continue" Alejandro tells us and continues: "Maybe this is too much to chew in a single go, but we have to try." Other professional activities Alejandro has interest in are machine design, machining, microcontrolers and control engineering.
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Current Students

  • Álvaro Omar Macías Fernández: Mechatronics Engineering student at Tec de Monterrey.
  • Pedro Antonio Trujillo Rojas: Mechatronics Engineering student at Tec de Monterrey.
  • Erick Salinas Martínez: Mechatronics Engineering student at Tec de Monterrey.
  • José David Oliveros Martínez: Mechatronics Engineering student at Tec de Monterrey.
  • Daniel Alejandro Pérez Navarro: Mechatronics Engineering student at Tec de Monterrey.
  • Andrés Ocampo de la O: Mechatronics Engineering student at Tec de Monterrey.
  • Horacio De Anda Maldonado: Mechatronics Engineering student at Tec de Monterrey.
  • Daniel Alejandro Pérez Navarro: Mechatronics Engineering student at Tec de Monterrey.

  • Undergraduate volunteers: Iván Godofredo Díaz Tenorio, Daniela Alejandra Plascencia Jiménez.

Former Students 2013

  • Eduardo Barocio: Currently a Research Assistant at the Biomechatronics Lab and an Associate Professor at Tec de Monterrey.
  • Laura Rubio: Mechatronics Engineering student at Tec de Monterrey. Currently in an exchange program in Linköping University, at Sweden.
  • Alejando Quintero: Mechanical Design Engineer at Continental.
  • Armando Amorós: Mechatronics Engineering student at Tec de Monterrey.
  • Rodrigo López: Mechatronics Engineering student at Tec de Monterrey.
  • Edgar Rodriguez: Mechatronics Engineering student at Tec de Monterrey.
  • Edgar Díaz Sánchez: Mechatronics Engineering student at Tec de Monterrey.

  • Undergraduate volunteers: Armando Amorós, Rodrigo López, Edgar Rodriguez, Edgar Díaz Sánchez, Mariana Shizuko Barba, Kaleb Cárdenas, Juan Pablo Novo, Iván Godofredo Díaz.

Former Students 2012

  • Arturo Inzunza:
    • Former graduate student from Master in Computer Science
    • Works at Freescale Semiconductor as Applications and Automotive Systems Engineer.
  • Melissa Manktelow: BS in Bioengineering student at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).
  • Nickolas Anderson: BS in Bioengineering student at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

Former Students 2011

These are the students that formed part of our lab in 2011. Since that time they've become professional engineers or grad students around the world.

  • Francisco Castañeda: Field Engineer at F.EE GmbH in Gyor, Hungary
  • Daniel "El Misto" Perez: Masters student at Linköpings Universitet
  • Manuel Melo Sanchez: Masters student at University of Liege, Belgium
  • María José Gutiérrez Martínez: Assistant Director for Mechatronics Program at Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • Omar Alejandro Aguilar Leal: Research Assistant at Biomechatronics Lab and Masters student at Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • Pedro Urias Castro
  • Ricardo García Rosas: Robot Programmer at F.EE GmbH in Gyor, Hungary. Accepted at the Master of Engineering (Mechatronics) program at The University of Melbourne with a full scholarship by CONACYT.
  • Justino Antonio Mejorada Pier: Software developer at Ooyala, Guadalajara
  • Javier Enrique Gómez ávila: Masters student at University of Guadalajara
  • Alan Justino Paulin Quezada: Mango entrepreneur
  • Manuel Garcia Gutierrez: Field engineer at Schlumberger
  • Sergio Antonio Pedraza DeLoera
  • Daniel Carrillo Vara